Looking for resources to help kids with their grief?  Here are some resources online about this topic:

  1.  The hospicenet.org website has an extensive summary of how kids react and what to share with them by their age range (infant to 2, 2-6, 6-9, 9-12, and teenagers).
  2. Another great article from the Child Development Institute, lists 3 reasons why it is difficult to talk about death,  as well as some strategies and opportunities.
  3. Our favourite resource, the Canadian Virtual Hospice website for many topics, has information and support on Talking with Children and Youth About Death. This information provides some solid tips like being open and honest, using simple and clear language, and knowing when professional help is needed.
  4. The leading expert on this topic is Andrea Warnick and she can be found at www.andreawarnick.com.  She offers tangible words to use to explain death, funerals, burial and cremation, among many other wonderful tips on this topic.

Hope that helps, and please reach out to us anytime for more personalized support.  At our Centre for Supportive Care, we have a counsellor, a Music Therapist and volunteers who have a special interest in helping journey with kids.  See our video about our Kids Program called Blue Skies, funded in part by the Delta Firefighters Charitable Society.