Pleasant comforting surroundings.
Support for individuals, families and friends.
Care emphasizing comfort, compassion and support.
Professionals, counsellors, support staff and trained volunteers available to help.
A care team always there.

These are the commitments that the Delta Hospice Society makes to people and their families experiencing the diagnosis of cancer or other life-threatening illness, end-of-life and loss following a death.

The journey may be difficult but you do not need to travel it alone.

Centre for Supportive Care hours:

Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 4:00PM

or by appointment.




Join Our Team

  Board of Directors
The Society is seeking a number of Society members who live in Delta who are willing to be interviewed by the Board’s Nominating Committee for consideration toward nomination for Board service over the next three years.The Nominating Committee want to attract people who are visionary, have a positive attitude, are open to opportunity, are team players and who have an interest in making the community a better place.  Candidates should be able to listen well and give thoughtful consideration to issues.  They must be interested in leading and governing rather than being involved in how the organization functions on a day to day basisThe Board follows a policy governance model designed to empower Board members to fulfill the Society’s obligation of accountability to the community. The model allows the Board to focus on larger issues, set and maintain a framework of delegation and internal control and ensure compliance with the vision, mission and values of the Society.To express your interest, please complete an application form at the following link: Board Application.The Board’s Nominating Committee will interview and assess applicants on the basis of competencies, past governance experiences, and interests in health care, while considering attributes required by the Board to fulfill its role over the next several years.Successful nomination and subsequent election would result in a two year term, with eligibility to stand for re-election for a further four years.Applications are welcome throughout the year; however, a March submission deadline is generally published to allow for the necessary interview and selection processes to occur in advance of an Annual General Meeting which typically occurs in June.All nominations presented at the Annual General Meeting must come through the Nominating Committee. As there is an open advertisement calling for potential candidates, nominations from the floor at the Annual General Meetings are not permitted. 

Please submit Application Form by the following ways:

  1. Mail or Deliver by Hand

Attention Associate Director, Delta Hospice Society

Board of Directors Nominating Committee

4631 Clarence Taylor Crescent

Delta, BC  V4K 4L8

2. By Email

Questions?  Call Laurine at 604-948-0660 (Tues – Thurs) or visit our website

DISCLAIMER:  Delta Hospice Society is not actively recruiting foreign workers.  We will never ask job applicants to send money as part of the job application process.  Should you receive an email, text or other communication similar to that described above, contact your local police station or anti-fraud agency.