Central to all care is the person and their family and often the person’s circle of support which may consist of friends, neighbours, faith family, or community groups.

When additional expertise is needed, there is a team of specialized care providers including hospital and community medical staff, palliative physician and pharmacist consultants, home support workers, and Delta Hospice staff and volunteers. Everyone is trained to provide sensitive care with emphasis on: control of pain or other symptoms; practical, emotional, spiritual and educational support; and advocacy for the person in care and their

The care team develops a plan of care by identifying choices for care, medical equipment, procedures, medications, and resources. Decisions are made based on the person’s needs with the awareness that something more can always be done to bring comfort and dignity to those who are suffering.

Volunteers are essential to the care team. Each volunteer receives specialized training and on-going supervision to provide the highest quality of care through their gifts of time – presence – and compassion that patients and families value so highly.