Our Board of Directors

Delta residents who wish to join our Policy Governance Board of Directors:

To express your interest, please complete the Application for nomination to the Board of Directors. Applicants must have an interest in leading and governing rather than being involved in how the Society operates on a day-to-day basis. If you are a visionary with a positive attitude, open to opportunity, a team player, and interested in making our community a better place through thoughtful consideration of and constructive contribution to board discussions, our Nominating Committee wants to hear from you.

Selected applicants will be interviewed and assessed on the basis of past governance experiences, interests in health care, and attributes required by the Board to fulfill its role over the next several years.

We follow a policy governance model designed to empower us to fulfill our obligation of accountability to our community. This allows us to focus on larger issues and to set and maintain a framework of delegation and internal control that ensures compliance with the Society’s commitment to service.

Successful nomination and subsequent election would result in a two-year term, with eligibility to stand for re-election for a further three two-year terms.

Applications are invited throughout the year; however, a March submission deadline is generally published to allow for the necessary interview and selection processes to occur prior to the Annual General Meeting which typically occurs in June.

All nominations presented at the Annual General Meeting must come through our Nominating Committee. As there is an open invitation for potential candidates, nominations from the floor at the Annual General Meetings are not permitted.

To become a Society member you can apply through the Volunteer Tab under “Become a member”.

Your application or questions can be submitted by email, mail or hand delivery.

Delta Hospice Society

Board of Directors Nominating Committee
4631 Clarence Taylor Crescent
Delta, BC V4K 4L8

Email board@deltahospiceboard.org

Jim Levin – President

With 32 years as a senior manager for three B.C. cities, experience in leadership positions on numerous boards, and a solid knowledge of the principles of Board Governance, Jim is a welcome addition to our governance Board. Jim has lived and worked in Ladner since 1997; now retired, he has been gifting his expertise to our community through volunteer and leadership roles with the Delta Managerial Society, Ladner-Tsawwassen Kinsmen Club, Kin Village Association, Delta Gymnastics Society and as a Delta Hospice Society client volunteer serving individual clients, fulfilling shifts at the Irene Thomas Hospice, scheduling and filling vigil shifts, and assisting with the Client Volunteer Training programs.

Bob de Ridder – Vice President

Bob joined the Board in 2016. Bob brings a wealth of knowledge at Board level, including corporate governance, along with a background of executive level accounting and business experiences. His first introduction to hospice was volunteering with his high school class as gardeners and patient visitors when Dame Cicely Saunders opened the first modern palliative care unit in South London.

Chris Pettypiece – Past President

Chris has chosen to have his family home in South Delta, where he grew up. His successful TELUS career and experience on the Board of the Symphony Orchestra, where he chairs its Strategic Planning Committee, reflect some of his wide ranging interests including all types of woodworking and a variety of music. Chris has merged two of his favorite worlds into one fantastic hobby – guitar making.

Karen Gillespie – Treasurer

Karen sees Delta Hospice as an integral and important part of the community that she so loves. Her CPA-CGA accreditation in corporate and now not-for-profit roles along with policy board experiences align to allow Karen to bring financial oversight and a strong contribution toward determining Board policies that provide strategic direction for the organization.

Christine Sutherland – Secretary

As a lifelong resident of Delta, Christine is passionate about giving back to her community and believes it is important to support people and families in a time of vulnerability through dignity and that the Delta Hospice Society is an amazing organization that is an integral part of this community. Christine’s success in the financial industry has earned her the experience and personal attributes necessary to contribute positively to the Board’s work. Christine has also demonstrated her commitment to community through her volunteering with the Reach Society.

Doug Mather

Doug’s experience as a financial executive with one of Vancouver’s top real estate development companies allows him to contribute strengths in setting strategy and direction for the Society. Having had a family experience with care at the Delta Hospice Doug also understands the compassion that is intrinsic to the work done by the Society. Previous experience on the board of the Delta Hospital Foundation will also inform Doug’s work as a member of the Society’s Board of Directors.

Melissa Granum

As the Delta Police Department’s Manager of Corporate Planning and Communication, a member of the Rotary Club of Ladner, and as a past Director of the Delta Chamber of Commerce, Melissa has a deep connection with her community of Delta. Relationship building experience between the Delta Police and all levels of government will lend a richness to Melissa’s part in building the Society’s required linkage with our community. Familiarity with the policy governance model used by the DHS Board will allow Melissa to contribution effectively and efficiently to the Board’s work.

Angelina Medea Ireland

Angelina considers her successful marriage and family to be her greatest achievement. However, Delta Hospice holds a special place in Angelina’s heart, causing her to want to be more than a silent supporter of the Society, particularly during a time when outside forces are determined to change the mandate of the Society. Angelina’s strong financial background and analytical thinking “outside the box” approaches are very helpful in problem solving. As a member of the Board, Angelina would have passion for the organization, belief in its mandate and, when required, be an advocate and defender.

Beverly McCarter

Finding her previous work in purchasing unfulfilling, Beverly made a conscious decision to move from Newfoundland to Ladner several years ago to start anew. In 2014 Beverly began volunteering at the Irene Thomas Hospice and as of 2015 began working as a Teaching Assistant for children with special needs. Beverly is thriving on making a positive influence through helping those in need and would like to take that extra step to engage collaboratively on strategy and planning toward obtaining the best possible outcomes as a member of the Board of Directors.