Our Board of Directors

Delta residents who wish to join our Policy Governance Board of Directors:

To express your interest, please complete the Application for nomination to the Board of Directors. Applicants must have an interest in leading and governing rather than being involved in how the Society operates on a day-to-day basis. If you are a visionary with a positive attitude, open to opportunity, a team player, and interested in making our community a better place through thoughtful consideration of and constructive contribution to board discussions, our Nominating Committee wants to hear from you.

Selected applicants will be interviewed and assessed on the basis of past governance experiences, interests in health care, and attributes required by the Board to fulfill its role over the next several years.

We follow a policy governance model designed to empower us to fulfill our obligation of accountability to our community. This allows us to focus on larger issues and to set and maintain a framework of delegation and internal control that ensures compliance with the Society’s commitment to service.

Successful nomination and subsequent election would result in a two-year term, with eligibility to stand for re-election for a further three two-year terms.

Applications are invited throughout the year; however, a March submission deadline is generally published to allow for the necessary interview and selection processes to occur prior to the Annual General Meeting which typically occurs in June.

All nominations presented at the Annual General Meeting must come through our Nominating Committee. As there is an open invitation for potential candidates, nominations from the floor at the Annual General Meetings are not permitted.

Your application or questions can be submitted by email, mail or hand delivery.

Delta Hospice Society

Board of Directors Nominating Committee
4631 Clarence Taylor Crescent
Delta, BC V4K 4L8

Email board@deltahospice.org

Members of the Board

Angelina Ireland, President

Angelina considers her successful marriage and family to be her greatest achievement. However, Delta Hospice holds a special place in Angelina’s heart, causing her to want to be more than a silent supporter of the Society, particularly during a time when outside forces are determined to change the mandate of the Society. Angelina’s strong financial background and analytical thinking “outside the box” approaches are very helpful in problem solving. As a member of the Board, Angelina would have passion for the organization, belief in its mandate and, when required, be an advocate and defender.

Rev. Danielle Martell, Vice President

Rev. Martell is vice president of the Delta Hospice Society. Her keen interest in hospice care has developed through her love for people, her pastoral care for the sick and dying, and her own personal struggle with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. She understands the challenges people face in the midst of serious illness and the hope they need. She has the experience of having served on many boards and is committed to upholding excellent palliative care services in Delta.

Mark Ruelle, Treasurer

Mark has been a resident of Ladner and Tsawwassen since 1988. He loves these communities and has seen many changes over the years. He and his wife raised four wonderful children who have taken their talents and professional qualifications into the wider world of teaching, administration and corporate communication. He retired from a 35-year career in occupational health and safety. He believes that palliative care in a hospice setting is a unique gift to the community that must be preserved from the encroachment of MAiD which, in turn, is incompatible with the tradition and philosophy of palliative care.

Susan Rivers, Secretary

Susan has been living in South Delta for 52 years.  As a Registered Nurse (ret.), her entire life has been dedicated to healing.  After retiring, she volunteered for ten years at the Irene Thomas Hospice Care Facility to be part of the amazing care given to patients in their end of life stage. The facility grants patients the opportunity to die naturally in peaceful, comfortable surroundings and in the company of loved ones.   As a member of the Delta Hospice Society Board Susan wishes is to see the founding principles of the Delta Hospice Society Constitution continued.

Elizabeth Lawson, Member at Large

Elizabeth is a retired teacher, born, raised and educated in Belfast, Northern Ireland and has been a member of the Delta Hospice Society Board for the past year.  She is greatly interested in the work of the board and continues to support the hospice Constitution. Prior to her board membership, she operated her own business in Vancouver, offering remedial and enhanced English language skills to students entering private schools and universities.

She has resided in Tsawwassen for 11 years, following 16 years in Tripoli and Benghazi, North Africa where she was employed as a teacher.  During this period, she took time out in Canada to continue her studies of Political Science and Applied Linguistics at the University of Victoria. Following her return to Tsawwassen she offered her services to the Federal Conservative Party of Canada where she served for eight years on the board of the Electoral District Association of Delta.

Many years ago, she worked as a volunteer member of St. Mary’s diocesan immigration board in Calgary,  as a response to the plight of the Vietnamese boat people.  The board’s focus was resettlement, health and welfare, education and reuniting family members.  She was gratified by the success that was achieved in these matters. Throughout all her volunteer work, her central convictions and efforts were principally devoted to improving the lives of others to the best of her ability.  She was blessed to share this work with others who were equally focused on making a positive difference in the lives of those who most needed assistance.

Kath Palafox, Member at Large

Kath, a former BC Registered Nurse, maintains her Emeritus Nurse status with the Canadian Nurses Association in order to stay active in her local and global nursing community.  As an experienced Ethics and Health Regulations educator, and Hospice Palliative Care Instructor’s Trainer, she has been listed as content reviewer of the Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing 6E,Thompson’s Health and Health Care Delivery in Canada 3E, and one of the peer-reviewers of BC’s open resource Nursing Care at the End of Life.  She volunteers in various non-profit organizations and is inspired by Seneca’s wisdom “Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.”

Jim Taggart, Member at Large

Jim is a happily-married husband, father, grandfather and a resident of Ladner since 1978. As a retired business professional and owner, he brings many years of work experience to the Delta Hospice Society’s Board of Directors. A strong Christian background prompted him to join the Delta Hospice Society to ensure the future of this community’s palliative care facility.