Our Values and Culture

Delta Hospice Society exists so that…

People impacted by a life-threatening illness, end of life and loss of life, experience relief of suffering at a cost that demonstrates good stewardship of resources.

Delta Hospice Society Mission

To provide leadership, advocacy, education and participation in the development and delivery of quality palliative care and grief support.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Delta Hospice has been built upon the belief that dealing with a life-threatening illness affects not only the person with the diagnosis, but also their family, friends, colleagues and community.

We believe that most people share the same hope: when faced with a life-threatening illness, they want to live with dignity and comfort. They want freedom from pain. They want family and friends around them. They do not want to be a burden.

The focus of our program has been to develop community-based services, acknowledging that many family members want to be involved in the caregiving experience and want to manage as much of the care as possible.

Our experience tells us that if people are pain-free and have distressing symptoms controlled, they are then able to reach beyond ~ to the comforts and therapeutic healing of mind and spirit.

With limited health care resources and an aging population, Delta Hospice has developed innovative and useful resources to empower and support families and caregivers in their caregiving and to help those who are bereaved go on living with quality of life.

Our Core Values


We value commitment and contribution to our community and to hospice palliative care.


We are committed to protecting personal information, respecting confidentiality, and to honesty and openness during care.


We conduct ourselves in such a way as to demonstrate that Delta Hospice is a caring organization to each other and to those we serve.

We believe dignity, respect and fair treatment is fundamental to the provision of our care, our operations and our decision-making.


We work together as a team for the good of patients, families and the organization.

We believe that teamwork provides the best opportunity for successful outcomes.

We seek shared problem solving, where appropriate, to obtain the best results.

Life-Long Learning

We believe in life-long learning and continuous advancement of skills and knowledge.


We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in our service delivery, innovation and creativity.

Delta Hospice Society
Delta Hospice Society
Delta Hospice Society
Delta Hospice Society