Delta Hospice exists because of the volunteer efforts and dedication of many within our community. We rely on financial support from a variety of sources and we fundraise for 90% of our operating needs and 100% of our capital needs.

 Each year, our friends in the community hold events to benefit Delta Hospice. We encourage community groups to hold their own fundraising events to increase awareness about hospice and its services as well as raise additional funds to support this special kind of care. Community fundraisers help Delta Hospice generate awareness and support for hospice programs and services. We are truly thankful to all those who fundraise on our behalf, whether it be through an individual organizing a small neighbourhood gathering, a community concert, a golf tournament, a dance, or by any other creative means, any level of support is appreciated.

If you are interested in supporting Delta Hospice through a 3rd party fundraising event, please contact our Communications Coordinator.


One example of a wonderful connection of Delta Hospice Society’s is the Delta Firefighter’s Charitable Association

To hear about how they support us through the Blue Skies Project, click here