Our Booklets

When Someone Dies

This small booklet was developed to provide practical information for people when someone dies and to help families make necessary arrangements following a death. It includes information about what to do within the first 24 hours, planning a funeral, financial and legal information and a checklist of things that must be done by a survivor.

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Understanding Grief – Help for Families and Friends

Grief is the human experience of loss and each person will grieve in a different way. This booklet was prepared to provide practical information about understanding grief and loss that may be helpful to family members and friends. It includes a section on how to help someone who is grieving as well as suggested reading.

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Delta Community Resource Guide

This small handbook provides information on how to access health resources, community services, medical equipment and supplies, legal and financial services, funeral information and other useful resources. While it is specifically focused on resources in Delta, it does include some resources within the Greater Vancouver Area.

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Communication Book

This binder, prepared by Delta Hospice, is available through the Supportive Care Centre, or your local Fraser Health Home Support Services office. Sometimes called a traveling chart, it is a tool to help patients or family members organize many aspects of managing an illness. The binder provides a place to record daily schedules, medical history, pain, symptoms and medications. There is a place to keep business cards and appointment cards and a place for families, hospice workers and the health care team to write to enhance communication among various members of the Care Team. There is no charge for this useful book.