Spiritual Care

Each person has a spiritual dimension that is expressed in religious or philosophical beliefs and practices. Spiritual dimensions of our lives often provide us with our most profound experiences of fulfillment and unity and may also express themselves in some of our experiences of fear, guilt and brokenness.

Spirituality may be expressed in a variety of ways — formal and informal, religious and secular, including, but not limited to, symbols, rituals, practices, art forms, prayers and meditations.

The search for spirituality is both intimate and personal and may be heightened as one experiences a life-threatening illness or when one confronts death. It is often a time when there is a need to find meaning in one’s life, hope and acceptance. It is important to find a place of comfort and peace. Each person’s needs and beliefs are different and will be respected by the hospice staff.

Spiritual care at Delta Hospice is provided in the following ways:

  • A personal visit may be requested for a volunteer hospice worker for personal contact, companionship, conversation or exploring spiritual issues.
  • Professional counsellors are available for counselling on complex spiritual issues.
  • Our lending library has materials available that can help in understanding the spiritual journey.

We may refer to:

  • One of the local community clergy or spiritual groups.
  • A hospital Pastoral Care Program
  • Fraser Health’s Spiritual Care Coordinator.