Vigil Service

Vigil service involves a team of volunteers who make themselves available to sit at a bedside of someone who is dying.

Vigil support may be initiated when a person is in distress and needs someone at the bedside so family members or caregivers can rest or sleep.  Vigil support is usually requested in the last days of life when someone is actively dying.  Up to 24-hours (continuous if requested) will be provided if resources are available.  This support is to augment that of the family so that no one needs to die alone. A small booklet is kept at the bedside and filled in by the vigil team members as they visit. This may be presented to the family following the death. Volunteers offer to sit with the family at the bedside if they feel a need for support.

Contact us 7 days a week from 9 am to 8 pm to reach the vigil organizing team.

Monday to Friday 9 am-4 pm, please call the Centre for Supportive Care and the volunteer will assist you.

From 4 pm-8 pm weekdays, and from 9 am-8 pm weekends and holidays, call 604-601-0004 (the Vigil Team pager).

Delta Hospice Society