Dying affects everyone in a family. We all have different ways of coping with grief and some people find they feel overwhelmed with a wide variety of emotions. It takes time and energy to grieve. Our counselling staff and volunteers at the Supportive Care Centre understand the different reactions to grief and are available to offer support following the death. The volunteers provide understanding, empathy and a listening ear, and for those who are finding it more difficult to cope, the counselling staff is available free of charge.


Our counselling services extend to individuals, family members, colleagues, school staff or students, community groups and the business community. For people at local businesses, counsellors offer consultation, crisis intervention, on-site support groups, and other services. They will support organizations when there has been a death in the workplace, offering staff members an opportunity to share their grief. For sudden, unexpected death, counsellors will provide critical incident debriefing and provide any necessary follow-up.

The Delta Hospice Society offers the following complimentary bereavement support groups that are held at the Centre for Supportive Care, 4631 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Ladner. For more information including the date of the next group, please call 604-948-0660.

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Adult Grief Group

Delta Hospice Society invites adults who have experienced the death of a loved one to come together and participate in a supportive group. Participants will have opportunities to share their experiences and feelings, and learn how to navigate their grief process.

 Bereavement Self-Care/Relaxation Group

Delta Hospice Society welcomes adults who have experienced the death of a loved one to join its self-care/relaxation group to learn a variety of self-care techniques and participate in experiential guided relaxation. The group will help participants address feelings of depression, exhaustion and anxiety as they relate to grief.

Adult Bereavement Walking Group

If you have been bereaved recently, consider joining the Delta Hospice Society’s Adult Bereavement Walking Group where you can walk & talk with others in similar situations. Participants will have opportunities to share their experiences and feelings in a safe and informal fashion as they walk for 50-60 minutes in the Ladner area.

Kids Grieve Too

Delta Hospice Society is pleased to offer Kids Grieve Too –  bereavement groups to support children ages 7-12. These groups apply expressive arts and play therapy to reduce anxiety and anger, promote healthy expression of difficult emotions, increase understanding of grief and loss, and provide support through connection with others.



Centre for Supportive Care

2018 Anticipating Special Occasions and other Holidays while Grieving



The Centre for Supportive Care  is an excellent resource for library books, audio and video recordings, pamphlets and handouts on grief and loss. Bereavement services include individual and group support and are available for children, teens and adults.  Drop-in to help yourself to these resources.

School Education and Support

Our counselling staff and experienced volunteers offer education and support to teachers and counsellors who work in the school setting. Our team works closely with school counsellors and teachers to support both the students and the school staff when students are impacted by a family member who is seriously ill or in the event of sudden death. We then encourage the teachers and counsellors to refer us to their students and families.  Students and families can contact us to make appointments at the Centre for Supportive Care.

Bereavement Outreach

Specially trained volunteers make a few phone calls to some people after the death of a loved one.  The volunteer offers companioning, a listening ear, and a connection to the hospice to neighbours in our communities who are suffering at home with grief.  The team calls those who have been referred by staff who were involved in their care or aware of their need.