counselling services


Counselling services for patients, family members, and caregivers are an important part of supportive care.

People living with serious illnesses are often faced with making difficult decisions about their treatments, adjusting to the effects of the illness, resolving outstanding issues, or reconciling important relationships.  A wide range of conflicting emotions, questions, intuitions, and insights may be experienced.

Professional counsellors provide a presence of support, understanding, and ease that can help in times of transition.  They are compassionate and non-judgmental and are able to help in exploring concerns, fears, expectations, and goals. Counselling services are available for all ages, including children and youth, and extend to friends, colleagues, students, school staff, and community groups.

The counselling staff plays an important role as educators and offers professional and public education on a variety of topics.  While there is no fee charged for any of the counselling services, donations are always appreciated.


Debra Wolinsky, M Ed RCC
Counselling Team Member
Ann Fox, MSc, RSW, RCC
Counselling Team Member

Teresa Palylyk  RCC
Counselling Team Member