February 2019


Friday the 22nd from 9-10:30 am we invite local professionals who work with children and youth to learn more about the grief process in this age group and strategies to help and support them.  Contact Sarah at for more information.

Saturday the 23rd from 8 am-5:30 pm we invite healthcare professionals who work with patients 

and clients to learn more about the Palliative Approach to care.  This course, called Learning Essential Approaches in Palliative Care, is developed by Pallium Canada.   Contact Sarah at for more information.  


Delta Hospice is committed to education by passing on our knowledge through regular training programs. An introductory hospice and palliative care training program for volunteers and care providers is usually held twice a year.

Additional specialty training programs are held throughout the year, and professional and community education and awareness is ongoing.

Introductory Volunteer Hospice and Palliative Care Training

Hospice and Palliative Care training is offered for potential volunteer hospice workers and health care providers. In the initial 30-hour training, participants are taught the “Art of Presence” which focuses on listening without judging or giving advice, respect for personal beliefs, and the need for confidentiality. The course includes the philosophy of hospice palliative care, needs of patients and families, understanding living with dying, grief and loss, spirituality, community resources, self-care, and working with the health care team.

Registration is required as there is a limited number of spots for participants. A small fee is charged for the course.

Advanced Volunteer Education

Volunteers who are accepted into the Volunteer Visiting Service following completion of the introductory training are eligible for additional specialized training as well as opportunities to attend workshops, conferences and video conferences.

 Family Caregiver Education

Family Caregiver Education provides education and support for family members caring for someone at home. Practical issues such as moving in bed, mouth care, transferring and universal precautions are part of the learning. Anyone interested is asked to call the Centre for Supportive Care  at 604-948-0660.

Professional Education

Counsellors offer professional education to:

  • Hospital staff
  • Home care providers
  • Care facility staff
  • Nursing students
  • Schools
  • The business community

Community Education

The Delta Hospice Society provides ongoing education for the community on grief, loss, hospice palliative care and our services. Education is offered through:

  • Hospice volunteer speakers
  • Community newspaper articles
  • Invitation to speak to service clubs, church groups, schools or other groups