Making your wishes known is often termed “Advance Care Planning”.  acp

There are resources available to help you do this.

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We have printed copies of the document “My Voice” and they are available at the Centre for Supportive Care .

Experts agree that the time to discuss your views about end-of-life care and to learn about the end-of-life options available is before a life-threatening illness occurs or a crisis hits.

By preparing in advance, you can avoid some of the uncertainty and anxiety associated with not knowing what you or your family member wants. Instead, you can make educated decisions that include the advice and input of the person needing care. Let your family members and physician know what your preferences of treatment would be if confronting a very serious illness.

There are various tools available to help with learning what options to explore. Most importantly, discuss wishes regarding the type of care you want or do not want. Identify who should be the primary decision maker if you are not able to communicate. These discussions are most helpful if they are done early and are communicated to those who are close to you and your family physician.

Volunteers and counsellors at the Supportive Care Centre are available to facilitate discussion and provide information and resources on advanced directives and living wills. Call Delta Hospice at 604-948-0660.


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