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 Nancy Macey, BSc Rehab Med, Executive Director               Email          

 Nancy Macey was a founding director of the Delta Hospice Society and held the position of Board President for 3 years before being hired in 1994 as the Society’s first Executive Director. Between 2008 and 2010 Nancy also fulfilled the roles of project manager and major fundraiser for the capital building project. Working full-time, Nancy is responsible for the development and overall management of the Society’s programs and services in accordance with policies set by the governing Board of Directors.


Laurine Kelly
Laurine Kelly, Associate Director                                                     Email
Laurine has been with Delta Hospice since 1999 and adapted to fill a variety of roles throughout the transition and growth of the organization. Laurine’s corporate background in regulation and law now supports her work developing and maintaining the society’s operating policies and procedures, implementing continuous quality improvement, earning accreditation, supporting human resource management and providing administrative support for the Board of Directors. Laurine is the Privacy Officer for the Society.
Sarah Macey, BScPT, Director of Operations                               Email
Sarah brings a variety of knowledge and skills to this role gained through a diverse work and educational background in healthcare.  As a registered physiotherapist and owner of a local business Sarah has gained experience in clinical administration and operations, as well as planning, human resource management and customer service.  In working for Delta Hospice Sarah sees an opportunity to serve an organization that prides itself on excellence and quality.
Chris Colero
Chris Colero, Coordinator of Volunteers                                         Email 
Since 2001, Chris has been instrumental in building and supporting links between trained client volunteers and individuals and families who contact Delta Hospice for help. As Coordinator of Volunteers, she is responsible for the overall management of the client volunteers including recruitment, screening, initial training, orientation, registration, matching volunteers with the people we serve, and volunteer support, supervision and on-going training. 

 Debra Wolinsky,  M Ed, RCC (BC), R Psych (AB), Counselling Team Member  Email            
Debra has been  practicing counsellor (Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC and Registered Psychologist in Alberta) for decades, and a bereavement/palliative volunteer for over 20 years.  She was born & bred in Montreal with a 17 year stint in Calgary.With Delta Hospice Society, Debra will be supporting clients with bereavement, grief and loss counselling individually and in groups, as well as coordinating the programs for the counselling team. 
Ann Fox, MSc, RCC, RSW Counselling Team Member                        Email
Ann joins the Delta Hospice Society in the capacity of clinical counsellor for supportive and palliative clients in the community, as well as part of the Fraser Health Palliative Care Consult Team for Delta.  In these roles, Ann supports people of all ages and stages of their illness journeys as they embark on the palliative approach to care.  Ann may be working in the Irene Thomas hospice, the Centre for Supportive Care, and in the community.
Teresa Palylyk, RCC Counselling Team Member                                          Email
Teresa offers bereavement counselling for children, teens and adults. Teresa’s extensive experience in counselling, along with experience in youth support richly complement her work with individuals and groups of all ages. As a registered clinical counsellor, Teresa offers one on one counselling, group work and individualized support to people experiencing grief and loss in a variety of ways.
Janice Strukoff
Janice Strukoff, Charitable Giving Coordinator                                   Email
Janice began with Delta Hospice in 2011 in a part-time position responsible for donor and membership management. As well as being a Certified Management Accountant, Janice is proficient in Raiser’s Edge software that accommodates donation and membership functions including maintenance of membership and donation records, preparation of tax receipts and personalized donor thank you letters. Janice brings a high level of personal values and commitment to her work. 
 Trish Factor, Administrative Coordinator                                             Email
Trish is a local resident of South Delta who is serving Delta Hospice Society in an Administrative role for all 3 sites.  She comes to us with 30 years’ experience in business and office management in various fields.  She believes in the supportive care and hospice palliative care philosophy as well as the unique strengths of every staff and volunteer in an organization.  Trish looks forward to organizing our records, collaborating on day to day needs, and supporting new initiatives to help the society carry on serving Delta.
  Irene Thomas Hospice
 Judy Rowbotham, Nurse Leader                                                                   Email
Judy recently join the Delta Hospice team in the fall of 2016. She comes with over 30 years of nursing experience which included working in sub-acute, teaching in the LPN and HCA programs, and in health management. She spent the last 6 years in residential care management. Judy’s responsibilities at Irene Thomas Hospice include supervising the nurses and support staff in the hospice setting, promoting and supporting quality patient care, and overseeing the day to day operations of the hospice. She is also collaborating with the Executive Director and the Director of Operations of the society to further enhance services.
Hospice Cottage Thrift Store Staff
Sandy Schmidt,  Charity Shoppe Coordinator of Volunteers 
Since 1998, Sandy has been responsible for management of the Charity Shoppe volunteers including recruitment, orientation, scheduling and support, as well as ensuring that the volunteers have a safe and appropriate work environment along with the supplies and equipment necessary to operate the store. In this part time position Sandy is the first point of contact for all new volunteers at the Hospice Cottage Charity Shoppe and provides on-going support to the team of almost 200 volunteers.

The Inventory Coordinator Team

While the Hospice Cottage Charity Shoppe volunteers operate the store, the Inventory Coordinator Team supports the volunteers by helping to manage the incoming and outgoing inventory and recycling.
Jan Winfield, Inventory Coordinator
Jan started as a Charity Shoppe volunteer in 2007. From 2008 to 2010 Jan also volunteered as President of the Delta Hospice Society Board Directors. In 2010, Jan joined the Inventory Coordinator Team in a part-time position.
Margaret Reid, Inventory Coordinator
Margaret has been with Delta Hospice since 2007 when she began as a Charity Shoppe volunteer. In 2011 she joined the Inventory Coordinator Team as a casual then was hired as a permanent part time Inventory Coordinator beginning in February 2012.
Ginny Vetrie-Stevenson, Inventory Coordinator
Ginny joined the Inventory Coordinator Team in 2007 in a permanent part-time position.  During 2011 she worked as a casual housekeeper with the Care Team at the Irene Thomas Hospice.
Geralyne Russell, Inventory Coordinator
After volunteering with the Charity Shoppe for several years, Geralyne became a part time member of the Inventory Coordinator Team in August 2013.
Dalyce Wickett
Dalyce Wickett, Inventory Coordinator and Shoppe Communications Coordinator                                      Email
Dalyce joined the organization in 2007 and brought with her the energy and enthusiasm needed to enhance public and community relations and to build and support community partnerships for 3rd party fundraising events. Now she works primarily at the Shoppe, working with inventory and Shoppe communications.

Complementary Therapies


Tama Recker
Tama Recker, Therapeutic Touch Teacher                                              
Maureen Dufresne, Yoga Instructor
Kristen Morrow, Music Therapist                                             Email